"Every time I read your work, I get goosebumps." - HappyToHelp (Wattpad reader)


"Imagery is excellent, and your introduction of the characters is flawless." - Balvus (Wattpad reader)


"Dear EK, you are an amazing, gifted story-teller. In my opinion, your work is too good for Wattpad. I mean, that's great for starting out, but your talent belongs to the world. I predict you having actual published books on a best sellers list! You're unbelievably descriptive. My God, it felt like I was reading a story by Dean Koontz! PLEASE never stop writing, even when you must work in un-related jobs... we've all been there. Never stop, no matter what happens in your life (that's the mistake I made years ago), you can only get better. I wish for you much success.  Please strive for that to happen... do it for yourself... you have the gift. Sincerely, your friend, Nora." - NORAJC56 (Wattpad reader)


"Your details are very strong! Your writing enables yourself to bring in the intensity to the story-which most writers fail to do.  [Only Fools Rush In] one seems to get my eye." - thirlwallx (Wattpad reader)


"I am so happy you're writing another story about war. I don't know what it is, but you seem like the smartest person in the entire world. Some authors only write about Romances or Dramas because that's what they're good at and that's what they know about best. But're so diverse and write about romance, mystery, thriller,'re the best writer that I've come across, published and not published. Overall, I give everything with this story an A  and rate it 1,000,000,000 points!!!" -ohbaby22 "Liz" (Wattpad reader)


"My gosh, I've been reading your books since 2014 and it's like everything you publish keeps getting better and better.  I found your profile through the Sherlock fanfic and I stayed because your original work was so well thought and detailed.  The way you tell stories is just beautiful and I can't get enough.  I feel very excited whenever you publish something new and extremely proud of you for juggling so many projects at the same time.  Keep up the good work, darling, because you're going places and Wattpad wouldn't be the same without you!" - Mrs_BuckyBarnes (Wattpad reader) 


"I think you displayed and explained the emotions here very effectively, especially the part about how this one extra burden was lifted mixed with the emotions of rejection. It shows how many layers your story will have already. I look forward to the first chapter." - SumireHime (Wattpad reader)


"I'm starting to think you like playin with people's emotions with your's honestly perfect." - writingthepieces (Wattpad reader)


"I can honestly say you are my favorite writer on [Wattpad]." - MrsWho42 (Wattpad reader)


"Your mastery of sentences and words in general are powerful and very captivating. You don't tell your audience what to see or what to picture, you show them, which is a talent most writers strive for." - Kay, LittleGirlBlue (Wattpad reader)


SHERLOCK trilogy, The Flatmate, You Could, and Cauldron-Born are all fanfictions available to read for free on They are all based off of the 21st century modern Sherlock retailing produced by BBC. All rights reserved to BBC and Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle


"Your Sherlock story is the biggest story I am hearing about on Wattpad." - MariaMickles (Wattpad reader)


"Wow, you totally captured the feeling and atmosphere of the show. The plot is unexpected and original. The characters remain true to their natures and it is ingenious." - Xanahi (Wattpad reader)


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 "I don't know how you manage to write like how Sherlock talks, it's so flawless, almost like Sherlock himself wrote this story. You have such a talent, and I honestly hope that if producers find out about these stories they'll use the plot for the actual Sherlock series." - distanthearts (Wattpad reader)


“Thank you. As a woman victim, I want you to know that I especially am drawn to the line where you acknowledge that men, as well, are often victims. Violence and abuse does not base on gender but the shame of being abused crosses all lines and we need to find our strength to slowly bring that shame away from us whether we are men, women, and people.” – Road2Woodbury (Wattpad reader)

“I like the sentiment behind the story. It isn't about feminism anymore, it's about equality. It is about changing the way we think and eradicating the double standards toward both men and women, because, it's not about gender it's about the fact that we are all one thing: human. Also, bringing awareness to this is a great thing. Many young boys are vulnerable to this in today's world, in certain parts of the world especially (I obviously won't name to offend anyone) and many boys were abused in the church, especially in previous generations.” – FrankRSP (Wattpad reader)


"Your writing voice is beautiful. For the kind of story you're writing, I think it's probably the most appropriate. What fascinates me the most is how you can hook a reader even with long descriptions - it is as if you are directly talking to them, and it definitely doesn't make us want to skip ahead; instead, it makes us want to know more. 

I feel like I can picture Cara meeting him for the first time very clearly, and that is all due the amazing ways you can paint a picture so vividly with nothing but words. I also like how she's not 'perfect' and neither is he, because they are both clumsy and somewhat awkward, so this won't be one of those 'one is cocky, one is shy' stories, because they both have very interesting personalities which complement each other - and I know all this from reading a single chapter, that's how good you are." - trislima "tris" (Wattpad reader)


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